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Work in Real Estate?

Need help improving your profile and leveraging all the different social media platforms to drive leads.  I have done this first hand for myself and my clients. Let me help you save time and money.

Real Estate Deals

I find red hot deals at around 50% from motivated sellers.  I have a team that works for me sourcing deals 24/7. Book a call and let’s discuss and see if  can find you a deal that suits you. Book a call


Let’s set some serious goals and put some accountability frameworks in place. From topic wheels to 1 minute videos


Real Estate Coaching

If you want to get on the ladder or maybe get involved in selling or wholesaling real estate then get in touch with me I have over 25 years experience in real estate.

Digital Marketing

Maybe you need help on running Facebook ads or just social media marketing in general – I can help you. Having first hand experience of using these products has allowed me to understand the opportunity.

Hot Deals

I find some of the most attractive real estate deals in the market. I have access to 100s of deals and so I am certain I can help you or point you the right way.


During my 25 years as an investor I have been through so many ups and downs and done business all over the World. I have experienced booms and busts and learned whom to trust and the traps to avoid and the deals to stay away from. There are so many pitfalls in real estate and I want to help people protect their hard earned money. It is so easy to be duped by someone on the internet if you are not cautious. I want to help you and arm with you the toolkit you need to walk into any situation prepared. 

I like giving back and this is one of the ways I feel good in passing my knowledge down especially to the younger generations so they can avoid pitfalls and learn from my mistakes.

I love helping people that are struggling or just don’t know where to start.

I like to help people trying to get started and get on the ladder.

I want to help you so talk to me and let’s see if there is a fit


Who Is this for?

Ideally you either want to work in Real Estate in some capacity or want to invest in Real Estate. My clients include:


Estate Agents

Brokers & Brokerages



Master Agents

Sales and Lettings agencies

Individual investors


What is The Process Like?

My plans are bespoke and depend on your requirements and the goals we both agree during our startegy sessions. We will address any particular time frames you need to hit and I will be as direct and truthful as possible to ensure we hit the agreed targets. I will mentor and coach you and help you pivot if required and offer alternatives and solutions as and when required. My aim to is to help you get to your full potential.

1. Fact find and strategy call.

Deep dive into your business, bottlenecks, goals, targets and let’s find how the business operates

2. A plan will be developed that meets with your objective

This plan will give you step by step actions plans on the steps you need to take toachieve your desired and agreed goals.

3. Execute the plan with accoutability checks

I’ll be coaching you throughtout the action plan and you will report back to me at key stages. I’ll help you deal with issues and problems you come across. 

4. Build traction and get results.

We will gain momentum as you get more familiar with things and we will gain momentum and you will gain confidence and I will show you how we can leverage your skills further.

5. Reach targets and maintain long term plans

I will ensure we aim to hit the targets we both agree and at the same time we will set long term goals that mean that you can create small iterations as you go to stay on track for these long term plans.

Coaching Packages

Do it yourself training

I give you the material and you go ahead and do the training with some email support.

Deep Dive Consultancy 

Help and guide you every step of the way with deep dives in to coming up with solutions that work for you and your business model.

Done For You 

Give me the info I need and let me and my team do the magic whilst you concentrate on what you do best which is closing deals

About Me

,My mum was a single mum and my dad passed away when I was 4 and I have always grown up with some kind of fear in my belly. The only thing that gives me satisfaction is trying to do better by improving myself. I was always finding ways to sell bits and pieces as a kid and help my mum out and buy myself the occasional nice things.

I tried to study hard and did ok at school but I always had a passion for doing trades and deals with people. I’m an IT graduate and worked in IT for 10 years. That helped me to raise capital for real estate.

When I bought my first property back in the 90s in an area that was deprived but on the edge of the city in Salford I didn’t tell anyone, I just tried it. But when that property went up by nearly 25% in value within 2 years I was hooked on real estate I went all in and focused on real estate in any up and coming area. The strategy has really helped me long term.

I see a lot of junk being sold and want to help people find the nuggets from my exerience. If I can help you acheive your goals from my own experience then that would be awesome.



“Zul, we are really pleased to have bought our lovely home in our dream location thanks to you!” WC

I just wanted to say how thoroughly professional I have found your services.  You are totally transparent in the dealings, and trustworthy, which is important for someone who is investing in an asset that is so far away.  You are flexible and accommodating, even going beyond what the agreement to ensure a smooth transaction.  Having already procured 4 units, I am looking forwards to future investments through yourself.


Thank you and look forward to dealing with you again.

” KK

“We have really enjoyed the rental income on the property you sold us 9 years ago and are now in a position to reinvest with you once our sale has completed” IC

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